Discover the 5 Leading Swimming Pool Trends in 2023

Adding a swimming pool is an incredibly practical enhancement to any home. It provides a space for relaxation, hosting poolside gatherings, and training for upcoming swimming competitions. However, when considering a Bethlehem pool design, practicality isn’t the only factor to focus on; aesthetics play a crucial role as well. The design needs to be not only functional but also visually appealing and inviting, enticing people to dive in. Balancing both practicality and aesthetics ensures your pool serves as a multifunctional, enjoyable space that complements the overall design and ambiance of your home environment.

Let’s look at the top 5 leading swimming pool trends in 2023!

Trend 1: Water Features

This is one of the most obvious choices! Water features are swiftly gaining popularity in the world of Bethlehem pool designs. Your swimming pool will look awesome, and you’ll be able to create a super relaxing atmosphere. Think fountains, slides, waterfalls, and stone cascades—each one adds its own unique flair.

Water features do more than just look good; they’re also good for your health! They can help you relax, lower your blood pressure, and boost your mental health with soothing sights and sounds. Legacy Pools focuses on creating water features that match your style and needs, ensuring every project perfectly fits the client!

Trend 2: Scandi Style Tiling

Scandi-style tiling is getting pretty popular in Bethlehem when it comes to pool designs! It comes from the stylish and classy Scandinavian region and uses calm, muted colors to give a simple but classy look. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a sleek, minimal look that makes both the pool and the whole yard look better.

This style is perfect for giving your current pool a fresh, new look. Legacy Pools focuses on what the client wants, creating unique designs for your pool and ensuring every project is top-quality and super innovative!

Trend 3: Advanced Lighting Systems

Lights have always been a cool part of pool designs, but LED lights have changed the game! They’re brighter and save more energy, making them a great pick for anyone who loves a late-night swim. Plus, you can change the colors to fit your mood and create the perfect vibe.

But it’s not just about lighting up the pool; it’s about making your pool a special place to be. Legacy Pools understands how important your vision is, bringing you custom designs and quick, top-notch service to turn your pool into a real modern getaway!

Trend 4: Swim Jets

Swim jets are becoming increasingly popular among people who enjoy mixing exercise with pool time. These gadgets push out water, making a current you can swim against. They’re a cool feature, especially for smaller pools, letting you get a good workout while having a blast.

Legacy Pools knows it’s all about having fun and staying fit. Every project is made just for you, mixing the cool looks of pools with fresh designs to make an awesome outdoor hangout spot!

Trend 5: Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges are the new hot thing when it comes to Bethlehem pool design, and it looks like they’ll be even more popular in 2024. These ledges are the perfect chill spot to catch some sun, take a quick nap, or just relax in the water. The cool thing about tanning ledges is that they can be part of the pool, so you can enjoy the water while you lounge.

Legacy Pools has tons of tanning ledge options to ensure it matches your pool and home perfectly. They work to make your pool and your outdoor space blend seamlessly, turning your place into a stylish oasis!

Why Trust Legacy Pools?

Legacy Pools is the real deal, with a focus on what the client wants, innovative designs, and getting things done on time. Every project is all about quality and is shaped to match your dream. Whether you want a brand-new stylish pool or want to jazz up your current one, Legacy Pools has services to fit your needs.

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  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Enjoy the perfect outdoor spot that mixes the beauty of pools with nature.
  • Custom Hardscapes: Get the best quality and value, whatever your budget.

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