Exclusive Features Only a Custom Pool Can Offer

Have you ever thought about having your pool? A pool is more than just a place to swim. It’s a place where memories are made, you can relax after a long day, and friends and family come together. But not all pools are the same. In Bethlehem, many homeowners are choosing custom pools over regular ones. Why? Because custom pools offer features that regular ones don’t. They are designed for you and can turn a simple backyard into a personal paradise.

Continue reading this informative blog to learn about some special features only custom pools in Bethlehem can offer.

Custom Rock Walls:

Have you seen those regular pools that look like a big water-filled hole? Now, imagine something more exciting. Think about a pool surrounded by beautiful rock walls. This is perfect for homes that have gardens with ups and downs because these rocks blend perfectly with such a setting. These rock walls don’t just make your pool look different; they turn your pool area into a beautiful, eye-catching spot in your garden.

In-Pool Relaxation Areas:

Forget about the simple chairs that people keep beside the pool. You can have a part of the shallow pool with custom pools in Bethlehem. This means you can sit there and feel the water but not get completely wet. It’s like having a special, wet sitting area inside the pool. You can put your chairs there or just sit and feel the water. It’s all up to you.

Fire Bowls:

How about adding some magic to your poolside evenings? Fire bowls are like big bowls that have fire inside them. When they light up near the pool, the sight is amazing. It’s like having tiny bonfires around your pool. They make your poolside time feel warm, cozy, and magical.

Unique Shapes:

Who said pools only need to be round or rectangular? With custom pools, you can choose any shape you like. Maybe you want a pool that looks like a star or one in the shape of the first letter of your name. With custom designs, you are the boss of your pool’s shape.

Multi-Tier Designs:

This is like having two floors in your pool. Imagine one pool a bit higher than the other and water falling from the higher one to the lower one, like a mini waterfall. This looks very fancy and is perfect for houses built on lands with different levels.

Overhead Shade Area:

The sun is fun, but sometimes it gets too hot. With custom pools in Bethlehem, you can have a special shaded area above a part of your pool. This means you can still be in the water away from direct sunlight. And if this shade is right where the water is falling from the above pool, it feels like a dream.

Adjacent Hot Tub:

Pools are fun, but hot tubs are relaxing. Why not have both? With custom pools, you can have a hot tub right next to your pool. So, after some fun in the pool, you can relax in the warm water of the tub any time of the year.

Transform Your Backyard with Legacy Pools

Every backyard deserves more than just a pool; it deserves a centerpiece that promises years of memories, relaxation, and sheer joy. For over a decade and a half, Legacy Pools has prioritized bridging this gap. Our dedication is not just to building pools but to ensuring that our clients experience the best customer service, supreme quality, and integrity.

At Legacy Pools, our vision extends beyond just the water’s edge. We dream bigger and broader. We aim to transform your outdoor space into an oasis of comfort and luxury. Simply put, we’re not just pool builders but architects of unforgettable outdoor experiences.

If you seek excellence, longevity, and a touch of personalization, then look no further. Don’t wait to start your journey towards countless cherished moments by the poolside. Reach out to us to set up your consultation.