Get Your Custom Pool With These Tips

Transforming your outer living space doesn’t have to cost you a fortune if you work according to a plan by prioritizing your area and knowing where to shop.

If you are thinking of getting a custom pool in Bethlehem or maybe customize your pool area but fear the expensive cost. We are here to help. Here are some budget-friendly Bethlehem pool design ideas that will revitalize your space without the hefty price tag. Forget extensive renovations; these clever tweaks focus on maximizing impact with minimal effort.

Prioritize Before Personalize

  • Bethlehem Pool Design: Do you need tiles, or maybe a sunshade would be the best choice right now?
  • Identify key areas: Is it the sun-drenched patio craving shade? Or the lackluster seating that dampens gatherings? Focus on specific zones for targeted improvements.
  • Embrace DIY charm: Channel your inner artist! Upcycle old furniture, paint weathered planters, or string fairy lights for an instant ambiance boost.
  • Shop smart: Skip overpriced “outdoor” labels. Repurpose indoor rugs, furniture, and décor with weather-resistant options. Thrift stores and flea markets can be treasure troves for unique finds!

Design Your Custom Pool in Bethlehem

Play With Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements such as rocks, woods, and plants is a great way to give your lagoon-themed pool a rustic feel. Adding wood furniture and a few lush green plants can transform your backyard into a dreamy oasis.

Ledge Loungers

Installing ledge loungers in your outer living space is the simplest way to make your yard feel like a vacation destination. A ledge is a level area that can hold a few inches of water, making it an ideal swimming spot for kids and pets. Laying in the sun while reading your favorite book and getting a nice tan, is there anything better than this?

Add Some Tiles

While many swimming pools already have it, if yours doesn’t, you’d be surprised how the overall appearance changes by adding waterline tiles. Within a cost of merely a thousand dollars, these tiles have the potential to give your pool the makeover you wished for.

Have Fun by Adding a Water Feature

You can instantly improve your poolscape by adding a water feature. Adding a water feature to your pool area provides a pleasant sight, a soothing sound, and a sense of touch. Water features are also helpful for decorative purposes.

You can incorporate this in countless ways according to your budget. Fountains, waterfalls, water walls, and bubblers are the most popular types of water features.

Go for Smart Lighting

Technology keeps upgrading by the minute; LED lighting is a prime example. It has long been regarded as an environmentally friendly lighting solution. However, now we’ve found another reason you’ll love it. It allows you to adjust the mood of your pool by changing its color and lighting.

Additional Tips to Enhance Your Pool Area

Now that you have a custom pool in Bethlehem, it won’t harm you to enhance the outdoor space a little to enjoy the best time with your family and friends.

  • Fire Bowls

If you want a combination of water and fire, install fire bowls at all corners of your swimming pool for a unique look. Fire bowls are usually mounted on a stone table and run on a natural gas source. They offer an artful appeal to your outdoor living space, creating a stunning effect against the water.

  • Invest in Outdoor Power Supply

Don’t let daylight dictate your outdoor fun. Invest in outdoor lighting and unlock the magic of your patio after dark.

They will help brighten the area even during the darkest hours and allow you and your family to enjoy the weather. Getting an outdoor power supply will come in handy if you plan to install some hardscapes like fountains and motorized retractable canopies.

  • Fencing for Sun Protection

Fencing your outdoor spaces is a great way to keep peepers and pesky neighbors at bay while you enjoy the sun by your beautiful pool, but getting a pergola is much better. The overhead canopy will give you and your family tons of privacy and protect you from harmful UV radiation.

A pergola and overhead will also come in handy when it rains, protecting your lovely pool and expensive hardscape items from water damage.

Get Your Dreamy Custom Pool In Bethlehem With Legacy Pools

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