Maximize your Swimming Pool this Summer

Summer and swimming pools are synonymous with each other. Swimming is a summer classic that we all love, but there are more benefits to owning a private swimming pool than just relaxing or cooling off on a hot day. We’ve collected our four favorite activities to help you maximize your swimming pool this summer!

Entertain! Host a cookout and enjoy the water with friends!

Doing something you love can get old quickly if you do it by yourself long enough. That’s why one of our favorite ways to get the most out of your swimming pool is a cookout with friends! Nothing beats eating a good burger or having a cold refreshment on a warm summer evening and having fun in the pool with friends playing water games. Sharing what you love always brings new life into it. At Legacy Pools, that’s why we love making custom swimming pools for you! 

Try new pool games for a nice change of pace!

We’ve all played sharks and minnows and Marco Polo a thousand times. They’re classics. It’s time for a change of pace! Pool games are more fun if you get creative. Pick up a mini-floating basketball hoop and have a dunk competition! Throw on some inner tubes and play a make-shift version of bumper cars or tag with water torpedoes. A pool volleyball net is perfect for a high-splash summer face-off. For the crafty kiddos, make cardboard sailboats and try racing them to the other side of the pool! Whatever your preference, grab some friends and get creative; you’ll be sure to make some killer memories. 

Do a workout in the water!

Working out can be rough in the summer because of the heat. But you don’t just want to lounge around in the pool instead and skip your workout, right? Add some spice to your workout routine and to your pool by combining the two! The pool is perfect for cardio movements like jumping-jacks or running in place because it adds resistance while lowering the impact on your body. You can even add some weight to your workout! Grab some light dumbbells, kettlebells, or medicine balls and do your favorite presses, raises, or curls in the water. Good old-fashioned lap swimming is also a great workout. Just be sure to stay at a comfortable depth and keep the weight manageable. A little goes a long way! 

Get some glow sticks, and go for a night swim!

Everyone associates swimming pools with the hot sun and tanning. What’s wrong with swimming at night? Grab some glow sticks, dim the lights, and dive in under the stars! The glow from the glow sticks, light from the moon and stars, and cool night time water make for a relaxing mellow mood and definitely not what you’re used to! 

These are just 4 ideas to maximize your swimming pool, but we’d love to hear yours! Let us know at!