Pool Aesthetics: A Guide To Selecting The Right Pool Tiles

A swimming pool is a huge investment. However, its appearance and benefits make it highly desirable in an outdoor living space.

From choosing experienced pool designers for your Bethlehem pool installation to appropriate materials, a lot goes into installing a pool in your backyard. If you want to add a swimming pool in your backyard, it makes sense that you would do plenty of research beforehand. It’s not just about choosing a shape, depth, color, and location; you even need to be sure about the material used in the pool, such as paint, vinyl liners, and pool tiles.

Expert Bethlehem pool installers at Legacy Pool go as far as to have their portal to keep customers in the loop about all the processes of installing a pool.

Whatever look you’ve in your mind, suitable pool tiles can change the entire look of your swimming pool. Here’s what choices you have to make when choosing perfect swimming pool tiles.

Decide a Budget

Budgeting is important whenever you’re deciding on home improvement projects. As swimming pool repairs can put a dent in your pocket, focusing on a specific budget will make a choice easy about buying the right type of tiles for your pool. The more intricate the design, the more expensive the tiles are. You can buy items that fall within your allocated amount through a budget.

Choose Material Accordingly

Your budget will determine the material you can afford. Glass pool tiles are very trendy and are the preferred material because they are UV and heat-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Whereas porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, they can be costly because they are labor-intensive, which can significantly bump the cost.

Prioritize Durability

Make sure to select slip-resistant tiles for the area outside your pool, as they are more durable in the long run. Moreover, try to find tiles with a lifetime guarantee that are fade-resistant, so you don’t have to keep changing your tiles whenever they are damaged.

Why Hiring a Professional Bethlehem Pool Installer Is a Good Idea

Maintaining your pool can become a huge chore as pool cleaning goes beyond collecting leaves and other litter from the surface. The same goes for upgrading your pool. It is a task only an expert knows in and out. Hiring an expert Bethlehem pool installer will save you a lot of hassle in the future and allow you to sit back and relax in the pool without worrying about its maintenance.

Here’s why hiring a professional pool maintenance service is so important.

Saves Time

If you keep an eye on your pool but never get it checked professionally, it’ll cost you a fortune to replace it entirely. However, contacting your local pool maintenance providers on time and having them lend you a hand can save you a lot of time and money. Pool maintenance service providers ensure that your equipment works well and the pH level is perfect.

Equipment Check

Professional pool contractors spot pool damage before you do. Not only can they service your pumps and filters, but they will also ensure that the motor stays in working condition. They can detect a problem in no time and work to fix it before it becomes unmanageable.

Besides a pool’s irreplaceable aesthetic appeal, there are loads more benefits the facility has to offer to you and your family. Let’s go over how having a maintained backyard pool can dramatically improve your life.

Boost Your Home Value

You must be thinking about how it is related. If you ever decide to put your house on the market, a contemporary swimming pool in your backyard will increase its home value substantially. Homebuyers are attracted to unique selling points when browsing for a new home, so even if the Bethlehem pool installation didn’t cost you as much, the return you see on your investment would be far greater anyway. This benefit may take a while, but it’s well worth the wait.

But imagine if you get the job done by any average company. Will your pool look as pristine as it should? No, right, that’s why you need an experienced Bethlehem pool installer to get the best pool in your backyard.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space With Exceptional Bethlehem Pool Installation

Installation is a crucial part of the tile selection procedure. Even the most expensive tiles can look average if not installed well. A professional Bethlehem pool installer can get the best out of your tiles by expertly installing them. Therefore, reach out to Legacy Pool for all your swimming pool needs. We are experts at pool designing and can turn your pool dreams into reality.

We provide premium quality pool services, including pool design, construction, and renovation. For booking, reach out.