Pool Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Just as a neglected car accumulates rust and a hungry pet grows grumpy, a pool left to its own faces a similar fate. Green water, algae invasions, and malfunctioning filters are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consequences of skipping pool maintenance.

If you are in such a situation where your pool needs attention, we recommend hiring professionals who know how luxury pools in Bethlehem operate. They can take care of your swimming pool needs, and also help homeowners to be aware of the basic maintenance tips for their pool.

But before you hire any company, here we share the basic pool maintenance tips so you can be sure what to expect and even get the job done on your own (the basic ones).

Skim the Surface

Set a realistic pool cleaning schedule using tools such as a pool vacuum, pool brush, and net skimmers to clean the pool’s surface.

  • Firstly, you must collect all the debris floating on the pool’s surface with a long pool skimmer, or else the dirt and debris will eventually sink to the pool floor, making it hard to remove. Skimming prevents clogging and boosts your swimming pool’s water circulation system.
  • Pool vacuums also come in handy for removing dirt from the pool surface. It provides easy and quick solutions to removing litter, leaves, and algae.
  • Scrub off the pool’s walls, steps, and base by using a pool brush to avoid getting an infection and prevent algae buildup. Fill the floor with chlorine and allow it to remove any bacteria in the pool.
  • Now that you’re over-cleaning pool walls and surfaces, it’s time to wash the deck and ensure it’s clean so dirt doesn’t go back to the pool. This includes picking up and discarding used items, removing trash cans, and power-cleaning deck surfaces.

Clean the Pool Filter

The filter is responsible for removing impurities from the water. It can clean off the dirt, debris, leaves, and other particles that are floating around in your pool.

Having abnormal pool signs, including pool odor, clogged drain, and inefficient hose cleaner, means it is time for a filter system wash-down. Utilizing the ‘backwash’ in the filter can help you clean the filter system. You should clean your filter once a week and your pipes connected to the filter system at least once a month.

If you are too busy, get the job done by hiring one of the best pool companies in Bethlehem.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

Many homeowners neglect this vital pool maintenance step, as debris can enter the pool if not covered. It’s common for pools to be covered right before the winter season so they don’t become littered with dead leaves and twigs. But if you want to make your luxury pool in Bethlehem last, cover it up every time it’s not operational.

Make sure the cover is completely dry before putting it on. This is because the water gathered on top of the cover will freeze in winter, ending up running into the pool when the summer arrives.

Moreover, getting the right size for the pool is equally important. A cover that fits your pool makes life easier in the summer. As days become warmer and you get excited about dipping into your beloved pool again, you would not want to groan about cleaning it then. A perfectly fitting pool cover benefits your pool by;

  • Keeping dirt away
  • Saving cleaning time
  • Reducing pool heating costs.
  • Cutting down on chemicals

Watch Out for Any Leaks

Sometimes, it could be challenging to determine whether the lower water levels are because of a leak or evaporation. If you want to discover leaks in the pool, you can do it by a simple test with a bucket. Fill a bucket 3/4 with water.

Place the plastic bucket in your pool, and then mark the water level that appears on the outside of the bucket. Inside the bucket, mark the level of water. Let the bucket float for two days, and if the water inside the bucket and in the pool has reduced by the same level, your pool water is evaporating, and there are no leaks.

Maintaining Your Pool’s pH Level

PH level is one of the most critical factors determining your pool water quality. The pH value of your pool’s water indicates the degree of base (alkali) or acid present in it. The pH level is measured from zero to 14, where 7 is the neutral point.

A pH value lower than 7.0 means that your pool water is acidic, and a pH value above 7.0 indicates that the pool water is alkaline or basic. However, you shouldn’t confuse it with the water’s total alkalinity. The total alkalinity and pH value of your pool water aren’t the same, but they can influence each other.

Once you’re through your cleaning process, testing the pool water is essential. Ensure your pool water chemistry is balanced and the pH level is between 7-7.6.

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Maintaining your pool can become a huge chore as pool cleaning goes beyond collecting leaves and other litter from the surface. Hiring the best pool company in Bethlehem will save you a lot of hassle in the future and allow you to sit back and relax in the pool without worrying about its maintenance.

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