4 Ideas to Make Your Custom Pool Stand Out

Everyone wants their outdoor space to look great and stand out, but making it both noteworthy and comfortable is a real challenge.  Look no further than a custom pool for your outdoor space! Custom pools are a simple, comfortable, and stylish solution for your backyard. Here are 4 great ideas for your custom pool that will take your outdoor space to the next level! 

Add a zero-depth lounging area

Zero-depth lounging areas bring the beach to your backyard. Perfect for cooling off, the zero-depth is relaxing and inviting. You can wade in to your ankles for a quick dip or bring over a chair and a book to enjoy as you dip your feet in the water on a hot summer afternoon. On top of that, they add a fresh visual spin to your pool!

Accent your pool-scape with a fire pit! 

The combo of fire and water are sure to catch eyes and start conversations. Adding a fire pit to your custom pool is a creative way to make a visually striking impression as well offer a cozy and compelling gathering spot. Just imagine gathering around the fire pit with friends after a long after-noon of swimming. Nothing sounds better!

Get creative with your hot tub

The biggest upside to a custom pool is the design flexibility. So get creative! Build your hot tub right off of the side of your pool like a relaxing oasis or make a statement and build it right in the center of your pool. The choice is yours! Use your hot tub as more than just a regular ol’ hot tub. Make it an accent to your already stunning pool-scape!

Use a unique shape to compliment your backyard

One of the biggest parts of creating a stunning outdoor space is using that space wisely! Custom pools are by far the best way to do that. By using a shape that compliments your space, you’ll draw more attention to your backyard and make it more pleasing to the eye. Wasted space, lopsided shapes, or awkward areas are a huge turn off. With a custom pool, you can create the perfect looking design that fits your outdoor space like a glove. 

These are just 4 ideas to make your outdoor space stand out, but we’d love to hear yours! Let us know at https://legacypoolsga.com/contact!